Get Connected

Become a Part of Building the Future of Our Community

There are several ways you can get connected to both community partners and Michigan State University faculty and researchers:

  • Join the I2I community as an organizational member. You can list your group at appropriate places on the website. To do so, contact Michelle Nicholson (if your group relates to children's issues) or Angela Waters Austin (if your group relates to youth or young adult issues).
  • Join the I2I community as an individual by adding your profile on the website. Learn what it means to add your profile.
  • Adopt and adapt the Infancy to Innovation framework or approach to your ongoing work as a coalition, partnership, or individual. Learn more about Infancy to Innovation.
  • Join with others to convene the community conversation around a Infancy to Innovation investment strategy. Send a representative from your coalition or partnership to Infancy to Innovation team meetings. For more information, contact Robert Brown.