Infancy to Innovation Profiles

The profiles feature of this website allows you to identify and connect with potential community and university partners. They are created as you self-select your areas of interest, intellectual and social development, economy, health, safety, environment, and community life (borrowed from the Power of We Consortium's data indicators of community well-being), within the three developmental transition periods, young children, youth, and young adults. Since 2002, the Power of We Consortium collects information on these six indicators which provide a picture of our community's well-being.

The 3 critical developmental transitions in the Infancy to Innovation framework refer to specific age groups and the challenges faced at particular developmental periods.

  Critical development transitions
0 to 5 years-old
  • Rapid physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development
  • Foundation established for transition from home to school
10 to 15 years-old
  • Rapid biological and psychological changes
  • More autonomy and skill development but increased exposure to risk
  • Sets trajectory for success in high school
Young Adults
18 to 25 years-old
  • Transition from home and school to post-secondary education, employment, and self-sufficiency
  • Must acquire skills and attitudes to be successful in rapidly changing workplace

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