About this Website

This web site is a tool that helps community and university members to establish, maintain, and enhance partnerships. Through the creation of this site we offer an electronic means for people to learn of opportunities and potential partnerships, as well as community needs that relate to the systems change approach as articulated in the Infancy to Innovation framework. In this respect, it is both a source of information and an avenue of connection that aims to help support children, families, organizations, and communities. It bolsters efforts to ensure that ALL children, youth and young adults make positive transitions through critical developmental stages.

Users of this web site can find potential partners by browsing through the profiles of individuals who have identified an interest in children, youth, or young adults within one or more of the six interest areas: intellectual and social development, economy, health, safety, environment, and community life. Users can also contact Guides to help them navigate the engagement process.

This web site is a joint project of Michigan State University's University-Community Partnerships and the Capital Area Power of We Consortium.